Expecting people to change by imposing

Overcoming resistance to change from disengaged employees has been a problem for leadership for years. It is still one of the major roadblocks to success. Expecting people to change by imposing it from the outside almost never works and the findings of neuroscience suggest just how important it is for people to feel aligned to the change, to feel part of it, and to have meaning in their lives. Some of the new frameworks that have developed from neuroscience focus on ways that change can be introduced into organizations in a more inclusive way.

Customer experience

As well as understanding https://cyborggainz.com/f/neuro-grips-a-natural-way-to-biohack-your-brain  employees better, neuroscience has an important role to play in improving the customer experience. Understanding what motivates customers and how they make their buying decisions helps us improve these processes, develop relationships, and ultimately turn customers into our most fervent allies.

Focus and problem solving

Neuroscience has also shown how important focusing on the task in hand is, and the inability of human beings to ‘multitask’ no matter how good they think they are at it. Being able to focus completely, without distraction helps us solve problems more effectively – this has implications for almost every department in every organization.The findings from neuroscience have huge potential to solve some of the key organizational challenges; but it needs to be introduced by professionals who understand both its power and its potential and who are skilled at communicating it.